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Sharing a few moments.

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Have you had a Doga Moment Today?

Mindfully living and learning with dogs can reduce your owner’s stress levels.

Is your pet touchable and enjoy it? Have you been through gentle training, at least at the basic level (sit, down, stay, come, take-it, leave-it)? Fearful or stressed pets do not offer comfort and help relieve stress.

Where (for a short visit)

Neighbor, friend, family member, someone you hear about it in the community. Inquire carefully if this is appropriate for this person or child.


When it is appropriate, safe and after you have permission. Sharing your pet should be calm for you and your pet, not rushed. Does who want to visit enjoy pets or have lost a pet? Is the facility, housing or home you are visiting welcome them? Okay, good!


Simply clarify your intentions. Ask or call. Set up a time, for a short visit, to see how it goes, increasing it incrementally from this point. Go with the flow. It does not have to be complicated. It must be safe for all.


Where, When, How

Sharing our pets (SOP) is a gift we can give even for a few minutes. It is about team work (you, your pet, the person or group you visit, and the place). Being aware of the needs of that person and your pet is important.

Awareness, balance, listening skills and consideration for the person, place and pet’s well-being can make a visit pleasant or not. Not sure about where or who to visit? Ask the person or group you intend to visit, your pet, and yourself. Explore volunteer opportunities with organizations with visiting programs like New England Pet Partners.    

Is your dog touchable?

Reach out,


Be touched








Grateful ...



a Smile, a Touch, a Word, a Giggle, a Deep Breath, a Hand Reaching, a Trust, a Step Forward, a Sense of Well-Being, a Reason to Be, a Small Change can make a Big Difference ...

Explore, listen, notice. Is there someone you can share your pet with?

Want to take this to the next level, visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools or libraries?

If your intention is to visit on a regular basis, with a commitment to client, group or facility, then consider becoming a registered pet therapy team.

Some facilities welcome pets, with restrictions, to visit their owners or relatives. Most facilities who have an in-house pet-assisted therapy program require that the team be registered.

This ensures that the team understands the responsibility of communicating with staff, patients and clients professionally. They learn to navigate safely and confidently, oftentimes in unfamiliar settings, with their pets. Precautions are learned about infectious diseases that can harm others and/or your pet!

To learn more about becoming a registered therapy team, journey to:    

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