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How is Pet Assisted Therapy different from Sharing our Pets? To learn more visit New England Pet Partners.

Carefully sharing our pets is possible in many situations. Observe neighbors, community bulletins, relative and friends who enjoy and/or miss their pets. Oftentimes, people who don’t have pets enjoy a visit and company.

Breaking up the monotony of the day, engaging in conversation and encouraging exercise is vital for well-being even for 15 minutes.

Be mindful of grieving, one’s health and your intention. Always ask first! Sharing our pets benefits us, but it is for others.  

There is a difference between sharing our pets, visiting in a facility and using pet-assisted therapy for intervention and treatment planning. Each requires training, respect, understanding, compassion and teamwork. You are your pets best advocate!

There is a distinction between a registered therapy dog and a service dog. Some of what they are trained to do may seem similar or cross over.   

It is not a good idea to bring a horse to dog training school or try to ride a dog over dressage jumps.They are a different species, trained and capable of doing different tasks, equally loved and adored by humans.

Raising awareness and honoring the differences and polices of facilities/organizations, will increase the acceptance and respect of visiting teams.   

Sharing our Pets

Pet-Assisted Therapy


I don’t care what you look like, how you smell or how smart you are.

Let’s take a walk or just sit and have tea..

Without judgment. I hear you even though I speak a different language.  



Taking a deep breath, still your mind for a moment. Do you love your pets? Imagine not being able to see, touch, feel or bury your hands and face in their fur again? What would life be like to not be able to enjoy their company, watch them frolic, hear them breathe or dream as they sleep?

With empathy, I genuinely share that if that were me, my life may go on, but it would never seem whole. Desperately, I would seek a way to be around dogs, cats, horses, birds (nature).

Emotionally, they lift me up, even though caring for them can be hard work. Grieving is beyond words when we need to say good-bye for now.   

Safely sharing our pets with someone who enjoys them brings joy to us too. Consider sharing your pet with someone today, but first ask your pet. Do they enjoy people and children? Are they use to a variety of environments?

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The Art of Sharing

Hi, I’m here

to calm you??

Like a person whose had 1 too many cups of caffeine trying to calm an anxious person!


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Defining and Benefits